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Idaho Fish and Game

2016 Price Lock Logo

F&G commission officially adopts Price Lock


Deal lets hunters and anglers avoid license/tag fee increase if they buy a license annually

Commissioners approved Price Lock during a conference call on June 23, which makes the deal official to save hunters, anglers and trappers money in the future by purchasing a 2017 annual license and continuing to buy one annually. 

At the commission's request, the Idaho Legislature approved a 20-percent fee increase to resident hunting, fishing and trapping licenses and tags, which takes effect when 2018 licenses go on sale. But Fish and Game's Price Lock means hunters, anglers and trappers can pay the same as 2017 prices if they renew a license annually. For more details about Price Lock, including a Q&A visit:

Price Lock benefits sportsmen and women by saving them money while also providing consistent funding for wildlife conservation, management and enforcement. In short, sportsmen and women are investing in Idaho’s fish and wildlife when they buy a hunting, fishing or trapping license, and Price Lock keeps those prices constant.