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Idaho Fish and Game

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F&G Commission amends earlier decision and allows more nonresident license, tag and permit sales


Amendments provide clarifications and allow some additional nonresident sales for specific individuals

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission on April 9 amended its previous decision to temporarily suspend sales of some nonresident licenses, tags, and permits to allow nonresident sales under specific situations, including: 

  • Allow nonresidents who bought a black bear tag prior to the temporary suspension on April 4 to also buy a bear bait permit, which is only available via mail and at department offices.
  • Clarify that nonresidents who had a written – but unsigned – agreement with a licensed outfitter prior to April 4 are allowed to buy licenses, tags, permits for the outfitted trip. Written examples include: an agreement or letter signed by the outfitted client; an exchange of emails agreeing on trip terms; a written confirmation or reservation, or an exchange of emails with payment of a trip deposit.  
  • Allow people who moved to Idaho to establish residency less than 6 months ago, or who have not gotten an Idaho driver’s license as required within 90 days of Idaho residency, to still purchase a nonresident license, tag, or permit under these conditions:  

1. Person produces an Idaho driver’s license, or Idaho Identification Card, issued by the Idaho Transportation Department, or a person produces two documents issued by a third party showing name and Idaho residence address, such as rent, mortgage receipts or utility bills. 

2. Person signs a declaration demonstrating bona fide intent to become an Idaho resident. 

People who are eligible to buy license and tags under these criteria must contact a Fish and Game regional office or headquarters via phone to arrange for the purchase of eligible nonresident items.