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Do Something Wild

It's time to do something wild on your Idaho tax form. Idaho taxpayers can contribute to Fish and Game programs for non-game wildlife with a simple checkoff on their state tax forms. Taxpayers can either deduct the amount they donate from their tax refund or add it to tax payments. The amount donated is up to the individual taxpayer. Donations can be deducted on the 1999 tax form. Most Fish and Game funds come directly, in the form of license and tag fees from hunters and anglers, or indirectly from federal excise taxes on sporting equipment. Most non-game funding comes from the voluntary tax form checkoff, wildlife license plate purchases and direct donations. Tax checkoff funds for wildlife have fallen off severely in recent years as several other checkoff programs have been added to the tax form. When the program started in the early 1980s, it raised about $90,000 annually. The figure has stabilized around $40,000 in the last five years.