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Deer Creek Reservoir produces new catch-and-release record tiger trout

Ahsahka angler beats record with 21-inch tiger trout
Tiger Trout caught by Mark Randolph
Creative Commons Licence
Mark Randolph for IDFG

Congratulations to Mark Randolph of Ahsahka, Idaho for reeling in the latest catch-and-release state record fish. He was fishing Deer Creek Reservoir when he landed the 21-inch tiger trout on May 9. The fish easily passed the previous record of 17 inches, set in 2017. Deer Creek Reservoir lies in the mountains east of Orofino, and was first stocked with tiger trout in 2014.

Tiger trout are a cross between brook trout and brown trout, which produces a sterile hybrid. They are rare across Idaho, as they have only been introduced in a handful of waters. Tiger trout can be aggressive predators that can help reduce populations of abundant baitfish like shiners, and provide a unique fishing opportunity.

Use the Idaho Fishing Planner to see a list of Idaho waters where they have been stocked.

The State Record Fish Page has a list of both catch/release records and certified weight records with details on how to apply.



Tiger Trout-Mark Randolph
Creative Commons Licence
Mark Randolph for IDFG

Tiger Trout-Mark Randolph, Deer Creek Reservoir.