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Cutthroat Spawning Creeks Open July 1

IDAHO FALLS - Most anglers in Idaho associate the opening day of fishing with the Memorial Day weekend, but there is one special opening day unique to certain higher elevation creeks that doesn't take place until July 1 of each year. According to Regional Fish Manager Mark Gamblin, "We keep those creeks closed a little longer to help give native cutthroat trout a chance to complete spawning."

While the general fishing season started on May 27, the following creeks do not open until July 1, but they all close together at the same time at the end of the general season on November 30.

McCoy Creek

Pine Creek

Willow Creek Drainage -

  Brockman Creek

  Cellars Creek

  Hell Creek

  Lava Creek

Teton Basin -

  Fox Creek

  Teton Creek

  Trail Creek

For further information regarding these waters anglers should consult the 2000/2001 fishing regulations. Upper Snake Region exceptions start on page 56. Unless otherwise noted, regular limits & methods of take apply. Fisherman are reminded of the Upper Snake Region limit of 2 cutthroat, none under 16 inch limit that applies to all rivers and streams in the region, except where noted in the above mentioned section. For further information regarding specific waters or regulations in the Upper Snake Region contact the regional IDFG office at 525-7290.