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Boise River Wildlife Management Area closed to protect wintering big game

Beginning Friday, January 20, the Boise Front Segment of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area (BRWMA) was closed to all public entry. The closure will help protect wintering big game animals and will remain in effect until further notice.

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The closure eliminates a source of stress for big game animals already dealing with abundant snow and low temperatures on the BRWMA. “Providing secure areas for these animals to weather the storms, without additional stress from human disturbance, can improve their chances to survive the winter,” Fish and Game habitat manager Zach Swearingen noted.

The BRWMA was established to permanently protect portions of big game critical winter range in the Boise Foothills. Large numbers of mule deer and elk migrate from the Sawtooth Mountains to winter on BRWMA.  During severe winters, approximately 7,000 mule deer can utilize the WMA.  Minimizing disturbance to wintering animals can have large impacts in helping them conserve energy and survive until spring arrives.