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C.J. Strike Gets Surplus Rainbows

Get ready for some great fall fishing at C.J. Strike Reservoir. "We stocked 17,000 catchable rainbows in C. J. Strike Reservoir late last week," Fish and Game fisheries manager Dale Allen explained. "These trout should really boost fall fishing and should also make for great fishing in the spring." The fish came from Fish and Game's American Falls Hatchery. Thanks to good survival and limited stocking requests, the fish were made available for stocking in other waters. There's more to this story than just great fishing. Strike anglers have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the sporting goods store of their choice should they be lucky enough to catch a specially marked trout at the reservoir. "As part of an ongoing study, we have placed 8,000 jaw-tagged trout in C. J. Strike Reservoir," Allen said. "Our objective is to improve trout survival and thus, improve fishing for C. J. anglers." Anglers play a big role in the success of the study. "We'd like any angler who catches one of the jaw-tagged trout to return the tag to any Fish and Game office, together with information regarding where and when the fish was caught," Allen said. "As an incentive, folks returning tags to us will be eligible to win the $100 gift certificate in a drawing we'll hold later this year." For more information regarding the tagged trout study, contact Allen at Fish and Game's Nampa office, 465-8465.