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UPDATE: Temporary buoys placed to mark Hatchery Creek closure at Henrys

Hatchery Creek boundary buoys currently out of place

Temporary Marker Buoys at Henrys Lake 2019
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Jenn Vincent Idaho Fish and Game
UPDATE 11/19/19: Fish and Game staff have placed temporary markers along the Hatchery Creek closure to distinguish the boundary until the permanent buoys can be retrieved safely.  

Original Story: Ice anglers on Henrys Lake will need to use caution around the Hatchery Creek area of the lake. Fishing is not permitted within 100 yards of Hatchery Creek and the buoys that normally mark this closure are in the wrong place.

Overnight winds moved several of the marker buoys inside of the fishing closure towards the shore where they became frozen in place. Fish and Game staff are working to place additional buoys at the boundary until the originals can be retrieved safely. It is the anglers responsibility to ensure they are abiding by the fishing closure. 

As stated in the fishing regulations, the portion of Henrys Lake within 100 yards of Hatchery Creek is closed to fishing. Moving across this portion of the lake is also not advised as the moving water from Hatchery Creek can cause the ice within the closure area to be unsafe. 

To view the current Idaho Fishing Regulations click here.