Press Release

Catfish surprise at Horseshoe Bend Pond [Video]

Conservation Officer helps angler reel in big fish.

Tammy Thomas went fishing at Horseshoe Bend Pond with the hopes of catching a bluegill or bass. Little did she expect a very large catfish to end up on her line, let alone have a Fish and Game conservation officer witness and film her reeling it in.

While on a recent patrol at Horseshoe Bend Pond. Craig Mickelson was able to record footage of Tammy Thomas as she masterfully (and excitedly) fought and landed a large channel catfish. We think you’ll enjoy the video.



The catfish was likely one of those captured in the Snake River and transferred to the pond by fisheries staff in recent years to enhance fishing opportunities. A list of ponds included in this program may be found by searching the historical stocking database on Fish and Game's website.

For Officer Mickelson, witnessing a happy angler catch a fish of a lifetime is one of the rewards of a job that is often more stressful.