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Video: F&G staff rescue bull elk entangled in hay tarp

Hay tarp entangles mature bull elk in Monteview

Wildlife biologists from Idaho Fish and Game rushed to the rescue of a bull elk that had become entangled in a hay tarp in the Monteview area Thursday morning.

Bull Elk rescued from hay tarp
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Iver Hull Idaho Fish and Game

A local landowner called Fish and Game to report the animal after discovering the encumbered elk on his property. Clark County Sheriffs' office also called in a report. Wildlife biologists were able to sneak up on the elk and tranquilize it to prevent injury. 

"The tarp covered the elk's eyes and he could barely see," says wildlife biologist Brett Panting. "I am glad we were able to get to him before he injured himself." 

Bull elk tangled in hay tarp
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Brett Panting Idaho Fish and Game

After being sedated, biologists worked quickly to remove the tarp from the elk's antlers. The mature bull elk was examined for injuries and blood samples were taken before being released.  

Fish and Game staff would like to thank the landowner for his prompt response.

"We appreciate working with landowners in these situations," says Curtis Hendricks Regional Wildlife Manager. His phone call made all the difference for this elk."