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Avoid the rush, take hunter education course now

Even though Idaho's spring turkey hunting season is months away, now is a great time for beginning hunters to register for and complete a hunter education course.

Hunter education is required for anyone born on or after January 1, 1975 who wants to purchase an Idaho hunting license.

"Take a course now if you can," says Brenda Beckley, Hunter & Angler Recruitment Manager. "If you wait too long, you may not have the opportunity to complete a course before opening day."

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Idaho Fish and Game

Students in Idaho hunter education courses learn safe firearm handling, wildlife identification, hunting regulations and the responsibilities of passing along the heritage of hunting by being an ethical hunter.

Two course options are available for beginning hunters. For those who have minimal hunting experience, the instructor-led course is considered the best option. An online course is available for those who need a more flexible option. However, this course does require students to attend an outdoor field day class that includes field exercises and an Idaho exam.

To view a list of upcoming courses or to register, visit the Fish and Game website at  Registration can also be completed at any Fish and Game regional office.

Fish and Game also offers a Hunting Passport, a special authorization that allows any first-time hunter, resident or nonresident, age 8 or older to try hunting for one year with a licensed adult mentor without first having to complete an Idaho hunter education course. This allows the beginning hunter to experience hunting before committing to the coursework and effort required to complete hunter education. For more on the Hunting Passport, visit