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Anglers can help shape 2022-24 fishing seasons by proposing changes

Anglers can suggest changes for upcoming fishing seasons

Fish and Game is preparing for season setting for 2022-24 and asking anglers what changes they would like to see for the upcoming seasons. Anglers can go to the fishing seasons webpage and suggest changes for each region. 

Each region will have informational videos about season setting, as well as online comment forms. Fish and Game regions will also host a series of online meetings in late March and April to help answer questions for anglers and provide more details. Those meetings will also be recorded and posted online so anglers can watch them at a later date. 

Afterward, Fish and Game will compile a list of proposed changes and present them to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, which will then approve or change those proposals. After the commission approves proposals, they will be sent back out for another round of public comment, which will take place during summer. 

For more information call your local Fish and Game regional office.

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Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

Float tube fishing on Magic Reservoir, Magic Valley Region