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American Falls Reservoir produces latest catch-and-release record; 31.25-inch rainbow trout

Reservoir known for big trout produces record rainbow
Brett Jones rainbow trout
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Brett Jones for IDFG

Brett Jones released this 31.25" Rainbow Trout at American Falls Reservoir to claim a new catch/release state record. 

Congratulations to Brett Jones, of Rock Springs Wyoming on a new catch-and-release state record rainbow trout! Jones caught the huge trout while fishing American Falls Reservoir on May 25, 2020. The 31.25-inch monster was just long enough to break the previous record of 30.5 inches, held by David Raisch since 2018. 

State records are split for rainbow trout between common rainbows and the fast-growing Gerrard-strain trout found in the Coeur d' Alene and Pend Oreille drainages. Lake Pend Oreille still holds the current catch/release record Gerrard rainbow trout  at 36.5 inches.

American Falls Reservoir has a well-deserved reputation for producing trophy trout, having produced several certified weight records already. The reservoir produced the 34-pound (41 inches!) record rainbow/cutthroat hybrid caught by Mark Adams in 2011, and the 20-pound rainbow trout record was caught by Michelle Larsen-Williams in the Snake River nearby.  

Rainbow trout are the most common species at American Falls Reservoir, but Yellowstone cutthroat and brown trout are also in the neighborhood. The reservoir is popular for anglers trolling lures for big trout, but also has some good smallmouth bass and yellow perch fishing as well. You can learn more about American Falls Reservoir on the Idaho Fishing Planner

Our State Record Fish page has a complete list of catch-and-release records and certified weight records with details on how you can apply. 


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Creative Commons Licence
Brett Jones for IDFG

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