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Idaho Fish and Game

Boat fishing for salmon / Photo by Mike Demick

Invasive Species Boat Stickers

Anyone who will launch a boat in Idaho waters must buy an Idaho Invasive Species Fund sticker from Idaho Parks and Recreation

The fees generated from the sale of these stickers will fund vessel inspections, washing stations, and informational materials that will help Idaho prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species, such as quagga mussels.

Get your Invasive Species Sticker from Idaho Parks and Rec

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Who can I contact with questions specific to the Invasive Species Sticker program?

Idaho Parks and Recreation has an updated system and guide for permits.

Idaho Parks and Recreation Permits


Who needs an Invasive Species Sticker?

Idaho law requires the owner of any boat and any non-motorized vessel to buy and display an Idaho Invasive Species Fund sticker to legally launch and operate the boat in Idaho.

This includes:

  • motor boats,
  • jet boats,
  • canoes,
  • kayaks,
  • rafts,
  • drift boats

This does not include: 

  • inflatable, non-motorized vessels less than 10 feet long

The Idaho Department of Agriculture is responsible for management of the Idaho Invasive Species Fund program. Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation administers the sticker sales.

Clean, drain, and dry all water-related equipment before traveling to a new destination.


Inspection Stations

Learn about Department of Agriculture's boat inspections in Idaho