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Idaho Fish and Game

Range Restrictions

Ammunition Restrictions

  • No armor-piercing, tracer, exploding, or incendiary ammunition permitted. Shotgun ammunition is limited to shot sizes 7.5, 8, and 9 at shotgun shooting points. On the 50 and 100-yard ranges shotgun slugs may be used by the permission of the attending Range Safety Officer only.

Firearms Restrictions

  • No fully automatic and/or 50 caliber or larger centerfire firearms are permitted for use at the Farragut Shooting Range. No centerfire rifles are permitted on the 50-yard handgun range.
  • Users must always keep guns pointed down range in a safe direction.
  • Users must always keep fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • All firearms must remain unloaded and cased, or if uncased, unloaded with actions open unless under the shooter’s control at an established firing line and pointed in a down range direction. This includes Concealed Carry, which is Prohibited at the Farragut Shooting Range.
  • Users must open, unload and bench firearms during ceasefires and any time anyone is forward of the firing line.
  • Users must not handle firearms or stand at the firing line when others are forward of the firing line.
  • Prior to any individual’s crossing and moving forward of a firing line they must notify all shooters on the firing line of their intent to cross the firing line and move down range.
  • Casual handling of firearms off the firing line is prohibited. Unless in transit to the firing line or a vehicle, all firearms should be cased, secured in a holster, and/or secured in a vehicle.

Target Restrictions

  • Except by special permission, only paper, cardboard, and wood targets are allowed. Use of hazardous materials is prohibited, including, but not limited to, bottles, jars or any other glass objects.
  • All materials brought to the range for use as targets must be removed prior to leaving the range.
  • Destruction of property other than approved target faces is prohibited.
Farragut shooting range - clay target station
Clay target station with manual throwing stand