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Idaho Fish and Game

Guidelines for Certified Weight Records

Only fish caught in publicly-accessible waters with legal fishing methods during an open season are eligible for State Records. All applicants must have a valid Idaho fishing license at the time the fish was caught. No records will be awarded for fish caught during salvage seasons or at private pay-to-fish facilities.

Records will be maintained for each eligible species for the following methods of capture:
  • Rod/reel: The heaviest fish of a qualifying species caught by any legal method of rod/reel fishing.
  • Archery/spear fishing: The heaviest fish of a qualifying species (unprotected, non-game fish only) taken by archery or spear fishing. These will be listed separately and identified by the angler on the application form.
General Guidelines
  • Certified Weight Records are based on the weight of the fish as determined by a certified scale and certified weight receipt. Certified scales are typically found at grocery stores or US Post Offices.
  • Only fish that can be legally harvested are eligible for Certified Weight Records.
  • All applications must be submitted within 30 days of the catch date.
How to Apply
All applicants must submit:
  • A completed Record Fish Application Form, which includes the legal signature of one witness to the weight.
  • A receipt from a certified scale documenting the weight.
  • Verification of species and by Idaho Fish and Game.
  • At least one photo of the fish.