Regional Fisheries Resources

In addition to the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System, there is a rich and diverse collection of Web sites that deliver information on fisheries in Idaho and the Columbia River basin. 

Regional Fisheries Data Sources

  • Fish Passage Center Dam Counts
    Web based query of annual adult salmon totals by project.
  • Great Basin Information System
    The USGS Idaho Water Science Center and the USGS National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Great Basin Information Project have partnered together to develop a management and delivery system for aquatic biological monitoring data. A large amount of aquatic biological data has been collected by the USGS water quality projects since early 1990s. It is the mission of the NBII to locate biological data sources that are important to management and deliver the data to scientists, managers, and stakeholders. In 2006 the fish community data was loaded into a relational database. This database provides the base for this web site.
  • Link to FINS database at PSMFC
    The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) hosts the Fisheries Inventory System (FINS). IDFG, IPC, and NPT hatchery returns may be accessed from their online query.
  • StreamNet Data Query
    Query the StreamNet database using user-specified selections.
  • StreamNet Data Store
    Search and download independent data sets posted on StreamNet.
  • Follow Idaho Salmon Home
    Follow Idaho Salmon Home (FISH) provides access to information on Idaho's wild and hatchery Steelhead and Chinook salmon populations. If you've ever wondered how many big steelhead came back last year, how old those fish were or simply how the wild salmon run from this year compared to previous years this is the place for you.
  • Regional Mark Processing Center
    The Regional Mark Processing Center (RMPC) provides essential services to international, state, federal, and tribal fisheries organizations involved in marking anadromous salmonids throughout the Pacific region.  These services include regional coordination of some tagging and fin marking programs, maintenance of databases for Coded Wire Tag Releases, Recoveries, Locations, and Catch & Effort data, as well as the dissemination of reports of these data in electronic or printed form when requested.  These databases are known collectively as the Regional Mark Information System (RMIS).
  • PIT Tag Information System
    The source for information about PIT-tagged fish in the Columbia River Basin.
  • Status of the Resource
    The Status of Fish and Wildlife Resources in the Columbia River Basin presents data about the current status of subbasins within the Columbia River Basin. Explore the links to view historical abundance data for focal species in each subbasin, interact with geographic data representing species distribution, population status, Endangered Species Act status, and species’ limiting factors, and see what projects are currently in place to help fish and wildlife.

Regional Fisheries Programs

  • StreamNet
    StreamNet provides access to fish and fisheries related data and reference documents in the Columbia River basin and the Pacific Northwest
  • Fish Passage Center
    The Fish Passage Center provides technical assistance and information to fish and wildlife agencies and tribes, in particular, and the public in general, on matters related to juvenile and adult salmon and steelhead passage through the mainstem hydrosystem in the Columbia River Basin.
  • Lower Snake River Compensation Plan
    The Lower Snake River Compensation Plan is a cooperative hatchery program to return salmon and steelhead to the Snake River Basin.
Regional Fisheries Libraries
Technical reports available for download.
  • StreamNet Library

    StreamNet provides access to fish and fisheries related data and reference documents in the Columbia River basin and the Pacific Northwest
  • IDFG Fisheries Reports

    The IDFG Fisheries Library holds copies of the reports published by Fish and Game Biologists.
  • BPA Fish and Wildlife Program Reports

    The BPA library holds reports for projects funded by its Fish and Wildlife Program.