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Chronic Wasting Disease Sample Results

Check the Sample Status

Find the results of your CWD sample by either:

  • using the sample kit number, provided by IDFG
  • using your tag number and name
  • ... by the Sample Number

    The sample number is found on a card handed to you when the sample was taken.

    ... or by your Tag number and Name

    Your tag number and name must match your printed document exactly.

    Please fill out tag number as it appears. ###-##-##### in the boxes above.


    Your Query Results

    Your search results will appear here.


    Results Information

    Sample results include the following possibilities:

    “Not Detected” means the sample has been tested and CWD was not found in the sample

    “Detected” means the sample has been tested and CWD was found in the sample. You will need to contact IDFG for disposal instructions if you choose to dispose of the meat

    “Pending” means the sample is in the process of being sent to the testing lab, is currently being tested at the lab, or awaiting final results. Check back weekly for updated results

    “No results available” means the sample submitted was unable to be tested due to improper sampling, please contact the IDFG Wildlife Health Lab for more information

Sampling for CWD

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is an infectious and fatal disease with potential to negatively impact wild populations of cervids (elk, deer and moose) in Idaho.

Learn more about IDFG CWD Efforts