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Ice Fishing in the Clearwater Region

Anonymous (not verified)

Did you know, you don't have to travel for hours to find great ice fishing opportunities in the Clearwater Region? There are many great opportunities to get the family out for a daytime adventure right down the road!

Many anglers put away the rods and gear when colder weather starts descending upon us, but those willing to brave the cold get rewarded with a fun adventure and often some pretty darn good fishing.  whether it’s filling the smoker or just to shake off cabin fever, catching fish through a hole in the ice at one of the local reservoirs is sure to be a family favorite. There are nine different reservoirs scattered across the Clearwater Region that anglers may want to test their luck at with ice fishing. All of these reservoirs are stocked with thousands of Rainbow Trout in the fall to provide ice fishing opportunities for anglers throughout the winter.

Ice fishing can be a fun and inclusive activity for people of all ages. Just pack up some snacks, your favorite drinks, and maybe even a small cookstove and you’ve got yourself a tailgate party that rivals the frozen parking lot of Lambeau Field!

With the holiday season in full swing, new ice anglers might be concerned about the cost of getting started. Don't worry! There's no need to break the bank to get on the ice. If you venture out to one of these reservoirs, you’ll see people from all walks of life. Some will have the whole shebang, including ice fishing huts, fancy fishing poles, fish finders, sleds to carry their gear, and a buddy heater to stay warm. But you’ll see just as many people braving the cold in lawn chairs or on buckets with a thermos in hand, successfully catching fish using their bass rod with a worm on the end. Everyone, however, will be smiling, laughing, hoot’n and hollering, and of course telling their best fishing story (some truer than others). So, If you have a rod and means to make a hole in the ice you’re in business! 

Stay tuned for monthly updates on each of the Clearwater Region’s nine reservoirs starting December 10th. These updates will be posted on this webpage and will provide information on ice conditions, fishing updates, and a tip or two on how to catch certain fish.