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Idaho Fish and Game

Anglers can buy a ready-to-use fishing license with their smartphones


If you're on the way to your favorite fishing spot but find yourself in a pinch and without a fishing license, the only things you need to purchase a ready-to-use license in Idaho are smartphone and cell service, and you can purchase and download one whether you're a first-time customer or have purchased a license from Idaho Fish and Game before.

There are a couple of ways you can do it. You can visit using your smartphone's internet browser, or you can download Idaho Fish and Game's official licensing app, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you're using your phone's internet browser, you can follow the steps in the video below.

As a reminder, Fish and Game's new licensing system no longer requires you to remember a user name and password. If you've ever purchased a license product from Idaho Fish and Game, you'll be able to pull up your account using your last name, birth date, and one other piece of personal information. If you've never purchased a license, you'll be prompted to set up a new account.



The second way you can purchase a license on your cellphone is through Idaho Fish and Game's official licensing app, "Go Outdoors Idaho." The app is available in both the Google Play and Apple App Store, and you can find it by searching for "Idaho Fish and Game" or "Go Outdoors Idaho."

Once you've downloaded the app and opened it, tap the "Purchase License" icon and follow the same steps as you would on an internet browser.

Whether you just bought a license or already had one, the "Go Outdoors Idaho" app can be a useful tool. From the home screen, you can tap "My Licenses" and login again to download all of your active licenses to your phone. The app saves your license information locally, so you can access them in the field -- even without cell service.