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Idaho Fish and Game

Record Tiger Trout

Becker Pond produces state record tiger trout



Congratulations to Gatlynn Mayes for hooking into this huge, 4.8-pound tiger trout from Becker Pond in Idaho Falls and setting the new certified weight record for the species. Mayes brought in the 24-inch long tiger on Dec. 16 to be weighed and measured after a day of ice fishing with his father. 

The previous record for tiger trout was caught in 2018 and came out of Deer Creek Reservoir with a weight of 4.04 pounds. 

For those unfamiliar, a tiger trout is a sterile hybrid between a brook trout and a brown trout. They are uncommon in Idaho and stocked in a limited number of locations, including: 

Clearwater Region

Deer Creek Reservoir

Upper Snake Region

Jim Moore Pond 

Big Lake (Big Lost drainage) 

Becker Pond

Salmon Region 

Wallace Lake (Panther Cr. Basin) 

Nez Perce Lake (Lemhi Basin) 

Merriam Lake (Pahsimeroi Basin) 

To get maps and details on any of these waters, go to Fish and Game's Fishing Planner.