Hagerman WMA is like a park for anglers

Hagerman Wildlife Management Area is an oasis for anglers because it offers numerous ponds, lakes and streams in a concentrated area and provides lots of family friendly fishing and a variety that suits all skill levels. 

Hagerman Hatchery stocks thousands of trout in a dozen ponds on the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area every year. Anglers can also find bass and bluegills in several of the ponds. 

Hatchery manager Joe Chapman shares some insider tips on how and where to fish, whether it is from the shore, or quietly floating the placid waters of one of the ponds. 

In a time when fishing from a safe distance from other anglers is important, Hagerman ponds are a good place to find both.

To learn more about specific fishing ponds on Hagerman WMA, check out the Fishing Planner

Visit the Hagerman WMA webpage to learn more about the WMA and other activities such as hiking and wildlife watching.