Lake Cascade/Horsethief Ice and Access Conditions Update - January 16, 2020

Lake Cascade Update

As of today (Jan 16) ice thickness is around 6.5 inches in front of Van Wyck (ID Parks and Rec.) boat ramp in Cascade, with about a foot of snow and/or snow and slush on top . A couple hundred yards from the shoreline, slush conditions improve, but travel is still difficult.

In front of Poison Creek ramp there is a deep slush area that extends out 100 yds or so from the ramp. Ice is 8 to 9 inches thick here. Once away from the ramp to the south, much of the lake ice conditions have improved since last weekend, but again travel is still difficult due to deep snow and slush.

From Crown Point up to Poison Creek, ice thickness varies, but test holes averaged around 5 inches. There is a lot of snow and slush in some areas of the lake, but it is minimal where the wind has blown the snow away. ATVs are still not recommended, and use caution with snowmobiles. There have been several reports of anglers getting stuck in the slush and deep snow.

The Sugarloaf boat ramp road is snow covered with nearly a foot of snow and no vehicles have been down it as of this morning. Use caution as this road is not plowed and blowing and drifting snow can make the road impassible very quickly. Blue Heron, Van Wyck, and Poison Creek boat ramps and the Crown Point access areas are being plowed through the winter by ID Parks and Rec. They have expanded the Poison Creek parking area!

Horsethief Reservoir Update

Horsethief Reservoir has 8 to 9 inches of good ice with snow and slush on top. Access to the lake is always changing with snow fall. The main road is plowed, when they get to it, but none of the access spur roads are plowed.

Use extreme caution when going out on any lake ice. Drill holes as you move out onto the ice to get a feel of ice conditions in that area. Underwater springs, creek outlet, ice heaves and cracks, old fishing holes and areas that froze later than the rest of the lake can all effect the thickness of ice.

Check back for frequent reports on ice and access conditions as they change on Lake Cascade for the remainder of January and through February. As always, use extreme caution when venturing out on to the ice. Check out Fish and Game's ice fishing webpage for safety tips, fishing tips and additional ice fishing locations.