Walleye locations in Lake Pend Oreille mid July

Walleyes are scattered throughout the northern part of the lake from the lower Clark Fork River down into the Pend Oreille River.  The only real concentrations were from the Clark Fork delta north into Denton slough and near the Sandpoint long bridge.  We spent several days actively tracking walleyes by boat throughout the lake including the southern basin as far south as Bayview, and in the Pend Oreille River all the way to Priest River.  Only a few walleyes were located and no walleyes were found south of the Clark Fork delta area (see attached map).  Results from the angler incentive program suggest that at least a few walleyes are being caught in the Bayview area and in the Priest River.  Weed beds are developing in the shallow bays which likely reduces the detection range of our tracking receivers.  We will try to have another update available in a few weeks.  Good fishing!  

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IDFG staff