The Treasure Valley's newest community fishing pond is in West Boise

Sterling Pond in is the Treasure Valley’s newest community fishing pond, and it’s already ready for anglers.

Sterling Pond April 2019
Creative Commons Licence
Brian Pearson/IDFG

The roughly half-acre pond can be found in the northwest portion of Sterling Park, which is located at the corner of W. Irving St. and N. Mitchell St. in West Boise. Fish and Game began stocking Sterling Pond in March 2019, with an initial allocation of 125 rainbow trout. Since then, an additional 375 trout have been stocked.

The park is managed by the City of Boise. Other amenities at the park are currently limited, although there is an off-leash dog area and walking path open to the public. Fish and Game will stock the pond regularly in the spring from March through June, and in the fall during October and November.

For more information on the stocking forecasts for this and other community ponds in the Treasure Valley, visit Fish and Game's stocking schedule for the Southwest Region.

General fish rules apply at Sterling Pond, including six-fish limits on trout.

Idaho Fish and Game regularly stocks public ponds across the Treasure Valley, which are easy to access and family friendly. Pond fishing for stocked rainbow trout is a great way to introduce kids to the sport, using simple set-ups like worm/marshmallow combinations or commercial baits like Power Bait or Crave, either near the bottom or below a bobber. Here is a list of some of the Treasure Valley's best community ponds.

Learn more about the pond and the park on the City of Boise website.