Magic Valley Ice Fishing Report

2019 Ice Fishing Report: January

Magic Reservoir: Yellow Perch, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass

December saw sketchy ice conditions and fishing was slow, with a few reports of 8” Perch being caught off the dam. January has turned on for Perch fishing, with buckets of 8-10” fish being caught. Ice ranges from 6-8” and the confluence still has open water. Last weekend (Jan 6th) saw 100+ groups of anglers, so the fishing pressure is way up. Trout are intermittently being caught (mostly Rainbow) but are averaging just under 19”. The dam and the narrows seem to be the hottest locations, with Perch being caught on eyes, waxworms, crawlers, and jigs. Smallmouth are being caught as well.

It’s best to access Magic Reservoir through the township of West Magic, but watch weather patterns as the road is plowed intermittently.

Trout limit is 6 per day, mixed species bag, any size

Perch: No limit

Smallmouth Bass limit is 6 per day, any size

Mormon Reservoir: Rainbow Trout, Perch

Trout averaging 19” are still being caught regularly. However, large numbers of anglers have flocked to Mormon Reservoir and catch rates have declined to around 1.5 fish/hr. The bonus here, is that the occasional 9-11” Perch is being caught in deeper water. Most action is occurring on the south side along weed edges and rocky points. Small pink colored jigs and a little piece of crawler is the hot setup.

As of the first week in January Mormon had 14” of ice with 12” of fresh snow on it. Camas County plows the road into the reservoir periodically, so check with the county before you head up (otherwise it’s a long walk in). You can access the fishery by heading south from the town of Fairfield on Mormon Reservoir Road.

Trout limit is 6 per day, any size

Perch: No Limit

Carey Lake: Yellow Perch, Bluegill, Bass

There is 12” of ice around the entire lake with the hot spring still maintaining open water. Buckets of 6-8” Perch can be caught in the channels running through the center of the lake, and 8” Bluegills are being caught on the West end where the lake is deepest. Bass catch rates haven’t been good, but most bass are below the 12” minimum anyways.

Carey Lake is located east of the Town of Carey, with a parking lot and bathroom on the west side of the property.

Perch: No limit

Bass limit is six per day, none under 12”, mixed species bag

Bluegill: No limit

Conner Pond and Emerald Lake: Rainbow Trout

No New Report… If you fish either water body call the Magic Valley Region Office to provide a report.

Both of these ponds provide great ice fishing opportunity for hatchery stocked Rainbow Trout. Every year these fisheries are stocked in mid to late-November with hatchery trout and fishing can be lights out early in the New Year. Both ponds are on the north side of I-84 in Burley.

Trout limit is 6 per day

Oakley Reservoir (Goose Creek Reservoir): Walleye, Perch, Rainbow Trout

BIG BOWS!!! Reports continue to come in of 25” Rainbow Trout slabs being caught. This is likely a result of increased stocking in recent years; including receiving 30,000 resident steelhead fingerlings the last 4 years. Chartreuse jigs with a pinch of night crawler in 5-12’ of water, near mid reservoir is the hot ticket.

Walleye catch rates are slow, but most action has been in the lower reservoir near the dam using red jigs and crawlers. The outstanding Perch fishing we saw in spring and summer has not translated yet to Ice-fishing success, but there have been reports of the occasional 13-15” Perch getting yanked through the ice; so they’re in there!

Oakley Reservoir has 4-8” of ice around the edges, so take extreme caution when venturing towards the middle of the reservoir.

Walleye limit is 6 per day, any size

Perch: No limit

Rainbow trout limit is 6 per day, any size

Dog Creek Reservoir: Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Bass

No New Report… If you fish Dog Creek call the Magic Valley Region Office and provide a report.

Typically success can be had pounding the shallow edges (3-5’ deep) for Bluegills and Perch. Dog Creek is an up and coming Rainbow Trout fishery, so hitting some slightly deeper water may payoff. Ice conditions are currently unknown.

Trout limit is 6 per day, any size

Bluegill: No limit

Bass limit is 6 per day, none under 12”

Thorn Creek Reservoir: Rainbow Trout

The Thorn Creek monster Rainbows we saw this summer are nowhere to be found through the ice! Catch rates for 12” trout have been good, but with most anglers focusing in 5-10’ of water anglers just aren’t fishing deep enough to encounter big trout. So you have to ask yourself when fishing here, do you want a limit of decent fish, or the opportunity for a fish of a lifetime? Not a bad problem to have!

Ice is 8” thick with some crunchy snow on top. You can get to Thorn Creek Reservoir by way of Hwy 46, north out of Gooding. The roads into the reservoir are not maintained and likely require 4wd most months of the year.

Trout limit is 6 per day, any size

Roseworth (Cedar Creek Reservoir): Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout

Living up to its reputation as Also known as the “Little Engine That Could”! This small reservoir has seen a lot of pressure already this year, but just keeps on going. Anglers are reporting regular limits of trout ranging from 10-15” in length. Haven’t heard much about Brook Trout being caught through the ice yet, but they’re in there too. About 4” of clear ice has formed, but another cold snap should help thicken things up.

You can get to Roseworth by heading west on Jarbidge Road out of the town of Rogerson, ID.

Rainbow Trout limit is 6 per day, any size

Brook Trout limit is 25 per day, any size

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