Mackay angler sets new Arctic Grayling catch/release record

Lanson Stavast with a catch/release record grayling
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Photo Courtesy of Lanson Stavast

Lanson Stavast with the latest catch-and-release Arctic Grayling.


Congratulations to Lanson Stavast of Mackay, Idaho for his new catch-and-release state record Arctic Grayling. Lanson caught the fish at Rough Lake, an alpine lake in the Copper Basin area. While only 14-inches long, this fish was big enough to beat the previous record. Arctic Grayling are a rare fish for Idaho. They are not native to Idaho, but are stocked in several backcountry alpine lakes throughout Idaho's mountains. Here's an example how you can use the Idaho Fishing Planner to find waters stocked with specific species of fish like grayling. Check out the catch-and-release record program for a list of all the species and how to apply.