Snow Peak WMA Remote Camera Pictures

The Snow Peak Wildlife Management Area is jointly managed by Idaho Fish and Game and the Panhandle National Forest.

In July 2013 I set up four remote camreas for a couple weeks hoping to get images of wolverine. While I wasn't able to get any pictures of this target SGCN study species, I did get some nice wildlife photos on three of the four cameras.

Camera One

The first image was of a mountain goat, a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Idaho.

Then another goat came into view! You can tell the closest goat is a male if you look between his legs.

This goat is in full summer pelage. It shed it's thick winter goat to beat the heat!

After the goats a bobcat came by.

And a few days later a wolf.

The grey wolf was joined shortly by a darker charcoal colored partner.

Camera 2

The first visitor to this camera was a nice 6x7 bull elk. Get ready for bow season!

He was followed by a snowshow hare.

A moose family came next. Look closely and you can see a second calf in the background.

One of those calves came to check out the camera.

When she turns around you can tell she's a female by the white patch on her butt (males don't have the white spot).

Then we had another wolf visitor. This charcoal wolf looks a lot like the one on camera one (located about 5 miles away).

Sure enough, there's a grey wolf coming down the trail next. Look's like it's probably the same pair.

The wolves were followed by a coyote. Can you tell the differences in the two species? The coyote is much smaller, has larger ears, and is more slender than the wolves.

Camera 3

The third camera picked up some nice black bear images.

Grizzly and black bears have some key differences other than color. Learn more by taking our bear identification test.

Moose cow and calf.

And a nice white-tail was the last image.

No wolverines this time but some great wildlife shots never-the-less.