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Idaho Fish and Game

Winter Feeding Update

Winter feeding update for the Southeast Region (03/10/2023)


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game with input from the Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee (WFAC) has initiated winter-feeding actions at several high-priority locations in the Southeast Region since early February.

Though new high-priority sites have been added each week, Idaho Fish and Game will not be feeding every deer and every elk in every canyon.  Using winter-feeding criteria and input from WFAC members, Fish and Game will focus efforts on high-priority locations where feeding will address concerns with struggling animals, conflicts with animals in haystacks and feedlines, and public safety concerns with animals on highways and roads.  Other factors considered when selecting feeding sites include number of animals reached, accessibility, sufficient distance from roads and highways, and seclusion from public disturbance. All feed sites are located on private property except where noted below.

Idaho Fish and Game thanks those local, state, federal, and county agencies as well as private landowners and volunteers that have provided assistance with these authorized feeding operations so far. 

Summary of current feeding sites authorized by Idaho Fish and Game:


  • Bear Lake State Park on east side of Bear Lake (2 sites)
  • Worm Creek on west side of Bear Lake (2 sites)
  • Indian Creek/Dry Canyon
  • Additional Bear Lake Plateau site
  • Montpelier Canyon
  • Montpelier Wildlife Management Area (2 sites)
  • Bloomington Canyon 
  • St. Charles (lands managed by United States Forest Service and Idaho Department of Lands)
  • Green Canyon
  • Paris Canyon
  • Fish Haven
  • Cub River (2 sites)
  • Mink Creek (Franklin County, 3 sites)
  • Little Mountain
  • Soda Hills (3 sites including previous site at Swenson Canyon)


  • Banks Valley 
  • Liberty area
  • Stockton Canyon
  • Dayton area
  • City of Montpelier (on the Montpelier Wildlife Management Area)
  • Several additional feed sites have been authorized in areas throughout the region to specifically address localized conflicts with elk in feedlines.

Idaho Fish and Game will continue to regularly meet with the Winter Feeding Advisory Committee to monitor winter conditions and address winter-feeding actions.

Please check Idaho Fish and Game’s website at and the Southeast Region Idaho Fish and Game Facebook page @idfg.southeast for winter feeding updates every Friday.