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Deadwater, 2-24

Grab your steelhead gear – Deadwater ice jam is out!


The Deadwater ice jam on the upper Salmon River broke free as of Wednesday, February 7, 2024. We expect the river to remain turbid in the downstream areas for a few days before improving. 

Deadwater, 2-24
Lower Deadwater, Feb.6, 2024

With the ice jam opening up relatively early this year, weather conditions may also impact river visibility, and there is still potential for cold weather to cause areas to re-freeze. Anglers with questions regarding current conditions are advised to call the IDFG Salmon Region office at (208) 756-2271.

Deadwater near ramp, 2-24
Deadwater near ramp, Feb. 6, 2024

Boat ramps from Deadwater upstream to Red Rock are currently unusable due to the ice left behind from the ice jam. The Tower Creek ramp is usable, but the Morgan Bar ramp was also blocked due to ice. All other ramps from Carmen Creek upstream to Ellis are usable. The only other ramp that is currently inaccessible in this area is the Island Park boat ramp in Salmon, ID which is closed due to a City of Salmon construction project. IDFG boat ramps will be cleared of ice towards the end of February once we are confident that the ice jam will not rebuild.

Boat anglers are advised to always check the current conditions of any ramps they plan to use in advance and to use extreme caution, as river conditions can change rapidly with ice dams forming, and large floating pieces of ice causing hazards. Drivers heading downstream of North Fork can expect rock and debris on the road along with slick road conditions in shaded areas.