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Idaho Fish and Game

Old Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area WMA Fishing Access informational signs October 2016

Fort Boise WMA and Roswell Marsh WHA will be closed Sept. 27 for aerial herbicide application


An aerial herbicide application will close both Fort Boise WMA and Roswell Marsh WHA for the day on Sept. 27.

“In order to cover the amount of desired acreage and the target vegetation types, an aerial application was the quickest and safest way to complete the project”, said Tyler Archibald, Regional Wildlife Biologist. “This targeted application will allow for better control of noxious weeds and encourage the growth of desirable wetland vegetation.”

Barring any unforeseen changes in the weather, the application should take one day. Both areas are scheduled to reopen for public access on Sept. 28. Closure and reopening information will be posted at all walk-through entrances to the properties.

For more information regarding the project or closure, please contact Fish and Game’s Fort Boise WMA office at (208) 722-5888.