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Adults can transfer their controlled hunt tags to their child or grandchild

NOTICE: The rules for tag transfer have changed since this article was published. Please refer to the appropriate form for more information.

To enhance youth hunting opportunity and experience, holders of a controlled hunt tag for big game or a turkey controlled hunt permit are reminded that they may transfer their tag or permit to their child or grandchild.

The Fish and Game Commission adopted rules in 2012 that allow a person to transfer their controlled hunt tag to their child or grandchild under the age of 18 who is qualified to participate in the hunt.  New rules approved in 2016 clarified the once-in-a-lifetime harvest eligibility.

A form must be used to designate the tag, which can only be done at a Fish and Game office, in person or by mail.

Tag transfer requirements include:

  • The child or grandchild may be designated only one controlled hunt tag per species per calendar year.
  • The transfer must be made before the opening date of the hunt.
  • Resident adults can only transfer to their resident child or grandchild; and nonresident adults can only transfer to their nonresident child or grandchild.
  • The once-in-a-lifetime eligibility applies to the child or grandchild if they harvest.For example, if an adult designates his or her antlered moose, antlerless moose, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, California bighorn, or Mountain goat tag to their child, and the child harvests using that tag, the child has fulfilled the child’s once-in-a-lifetime eligibility and will no longer be eligible to apply for that species.
  • Controlled hunt tags or permits cannot be sold.

For more information or to receive a copy of the tag transfer form, contact a Fish and Game regional office or visit the Licensing page on Fish and Game’s website at