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Idaho Fish and Game

Scientific Collecting Permit Application


Payment for $51.75 must be submit through the IDFG License Vendor. Refer to the attached restrictions and guidelines.


  1. Note: a nonrefundable fee of $51.75 is required to process a Scientific Collecting Permit application. Please submit this payment through the IDFG License Vendor website before submitting a Scientific Collecting Permit application.
  2. Fill in all required spaces.
  3. After your application has been submit, it will be routed to the appropriate Region(s) Office(s) for comments and approval or disapproval. After Regional reviews have been completed, the application will be returned to the Boise office for final processing.
  4. All applicants must submit a project proposal or study plan as well as background experience
  5. If you do not know a specific stream name, please give the higher order stream name. For example, if you want to survey streams within Mores Creek drainage but do not know their names or they are unnamed, say "tributaries of Mores Creek".
  6. ALLOW UP TO SIX WEEKS FOR PROCESSING. Do not expect the permit to be issued on short notice.
  7. Permits issued must be kept on your person at all times while in the field.
  8. A report will be required upon completion of work or upon expiration of a current permit. No renewal permit will be issued until a current and complete report of work is on file with the Department.

If your have questions concerning a Fisheries permit, please phone 208-334-3791 or e-mail Eric Stark or Hailee Clifford

If you have questions concerning a Wildlife permit please phone 208-334-2920 or e-mail Rex Sallabanks or Stephany Armstrong


Policies, Procedures, and Conditions for granting Scientific Collecting Permits

Granted by the Idaho Department Of Fish and Game

Under 36-106 e.5 (Idaho Code)


  1. A permit, as provided by law, is required to band, collect, possess, sell or trade any fish or wildlife in Idaho. A valid hunting, fishing, or combination hunting and fishing license is required to kill any fish or wildlife in Idaho.
  2. Unprotected and Predatory Wildlife may be taken in any amount, at any time, and in any manner not prohibited by state or federal law, by holders of the appropriate valid Idaho hunting, trapping, or combination hunting and fishing licenses, or a valid permit, provided such taking is not in violation of state, county or city laws, ordinances, or regulations. Predatory Wildlife includes the coyote, jackrabbit, weasel, skunk, and starling.
  3. No permit may be granted for commercialization of fish and/or wildlife.
  4. No permits will be issued allowing he use of explosives by non-Department personnel.
  5. A Scientific Collecting Permit will not be valid for the transfer of live fish or eggs. This must be specifically authorized by the Department using a Live Fish Transport Permit.
  6. Only species listed on the permit may be collected. No species classified as Threatened, Endangered or Species of Special Concern may be collected unless specifically listed on the permit.
  7. No "blanket" permits will be issued for all capture methods on a statewide basis.
  8. Any person convicted of, who receives withheld judgment for, or forfeits a bond for, a  violation of Title 36, Idaho Code, will not be issued a permit for a period of at least one year from the date thereof.  Any fish or wildlife under possession will be forfeited to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game at the time of conviction, judgment, or forfeiture.
  9. No permit will be issued to any individual whose hunting and/or fishing privileges have been revoked, until he/she is again eligible to purchase a hunting or fishing license.
  10. Violation(s) of the permit will be reviewed for potential violation of Idaho Code. If a specific violation has occurred, the individual will be cited under authority granted to the Department.
  11. No permit issued by the Department for  a species requiring an additional federal permit shall be valid unless it is accompanied by said federal permit.


  1. The application for a permit must be accompanied by  a justification statement specifying:
    • A specific project proposal of study plan (if applicable).
    • The specific need to collect, band, or possess such wildlife, and the species and number of individuals needed.
    • The proposed method(s) of capture.
    • The approximate number and proposed disposition of specimens which are killed during sampling (if required).
    • The minimum area in which it is feasible to capture, band, or collect the animals.
    • The name, qualification, and Sportsman ID of the person(s) to be named on the permit
  2. The application must be submitted a minimum of twenty (20) days prior to the proposed starting date.
  3. All permits must be reviewed and approved by the Bureau, Bureau of Enforcement, and the appropriate Region(s).  Payment to the IDFG License Vendor in the amount of $51.75 will be verified.

Standard Conditions

  1. The permit will be immediately revoked if the applicant violates any provision of the permit.
  2. A report must be submitted within thirty (30) days after expiration of the permit. The report will include the date, Regional office employee notified, place of sampling, numbers and species of specimen captured, and the disposition of the specimen. A Signed receipt, listing the foregoing information on any samples killed, must accompany the report. No additional permits may be granted until the report is received and accepted by the Department. No wildlife in possession may be released back into the wild without prior Department approval.
  3. If requested by the Department, a copy of the final report, of which the collecting done under this permit is a part, must be furnished to the Department free of charge.
  4. The permit and permit receipt must be in the immediate possession of the named individual or sub-permittee(s) when that person is exercising the privileges granted by the permit.
  5. The permit is not transferable, nor may its authority be delegated to any other individual(s)

SP 126 Rev 03/31/2022