Legislative information

Information Related to the Idaho Legislative Session

These information are presented as a courtesy for those interested in bills during the legislative session. 

Idaho Code

Idaho laws pertaining to Fish and Game are contained in Title 36 of Idaho Code.

The Idaho Code is made available on the Internet by the Idaho Legislature as a public service. This Internet version of the Idaho Code may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may this database be published or repackaged for commercial sale without express written permission.

Administrative Rules

The Administrative Rules are made available on the Internet by the Office of Administrative Rules, Idaho Department of Administration. Official copies of the Administrative Rules must be obtained through the Office of Administrative Rules.

Administrative Code

The Administrative Code is a compilation of all final and temporary administrative rules affecting the citizens of Idaho that have been promulgated and adopted in accordance with Title 67, Chapter 52, Idaho Code. Administrative Rules have the force and effect of law and as such are subject to a comprehensive process that includes review and approval by the Idaho Legislature in order to become final and enforceable. Please see the administrative rules pertaining to the Department of Fish and Game.