August Meeting of the Commission

Idaho Fish and Game Commission
Special Meeting – August 22, 2019

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
15950 North Gate Boulevard
Nampa, Idaho

Note: Times on the agenda are approximate and subject to change.


August 22, 2019
Time Order Description
10:45 am 1.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Southwest Regional Office

11:00 am 2.

Opening Comments / Agenda Changes
-- Chairman Meyers

11:05 am 3.

Introduction, Kenneth E. Wallen, Ph.D., University of Idaho, Human Dimensions
--Ed Schriever


Action Items for Commission Approval (Action)

11:30 am  

A. Approval White-tailed Deer and Mule Deer Management Plan (Action)
-- Daryl Meints, Natural Resources Program Coordinator Deer & Elk
download gold sheet

draft Mule Deer Plan  draft White-tailed Deer Plan
12:00 pm  


12:30 pm  

B. FY 21 Budget Approval (Action)
--Michael Pearson, Chief, Administration
download gold sheet

12:50 pm  

C. Season Setting: 2019 Sage-grouse Season (Action)
-- Ann Moser, Wildlife Staff Biologist
download gold sheet

1:10 pm  

D. 1. Season Setting: Fall Chinook (Action)
2. Season Setting: Fall Steelhead (Action)

--Jim Fredericks, Chief, Fisheries
download gold sheet for Chinook download gold sheet for steelhead

Chinook proposal (Snake and Salmon rivers) 
Chinook proposal (Clearwater River) 
steelhead proposal

1:25 pm  

E. Order 19-44 Resident and Nonresident Fee Discounts for Wild Turkey Special Unit Tags (Action)
--Jeff Knetter, Upland Game & Migratory Bird Coordinator
download gold sheet

Updated 8/13 11:00 am MT


1:40 pm  

F. Rocky Point Conservation Easements (Action)
--Gregg Servheen, Wildlife Program Coordinator

1:50 pm  

G. Recovering Americas Wildlife Act (RAWA) Update and Supporting Resolution (Action)
-- Toby Boudreau, Chief, Wildlife
download gold sheet draft resolution

2:05 pm  

H. Landowner Permission Hunts for Turkeys (Action)
--Jeff Knetter, Upland Game & Migratory Bird Coordinator
download gold sheet

2:15 pm 5.

Executive Session I.C. 74-206 (1)(c)(f) (requires authorization by at least 2/3 of Commission via roll call vote; no final action will occur)

3:15 pm 6.

Position on Litigation Regarding Black Bear Bait on National Forests in Idaho and Wyoming (Action)

Note: Added on 8/15/2019 10:00 am MT


3:30 pm 7.

Departure and Tour Weiser River Ranches and dinner at 5:45 p.m.

Meetings of the Commission during field trips and catered meals are open to public attendance, but additional arrangements may be involved for those who wish to attend. For more information on such arrangements, please contact Mary Boyer at (208) 334-3771. During field trips and catered meals, the Commission may engage in brainstorming activities and informal discussions of regional and general interest, but the Commission will not take up any item for action.
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