Super Hunt Frequently Asked Questions

Idaho Fish and Game has received many questions about entering the Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo drawings. If you have questions please check the following FAQs; you may find them answered here.

Q. If I enter by May 31 and don't draw, will my entries be carried over to the August drawing?
A. Sorry, entries in the first drawing won't be accepted for the second one. You will need to enter separately for the second drawing. Entries for the second drawing need to be received by Idaho Fish and Game by August 10.

Q. Can nonresidents apply?
A. Yes, they can.

Q. Where can I hunt? When do I choose the hunt I want to participate in?
A. If you win, you can hunt in any legal hunt area for the species you drew, including in controlled hunts. You do not have to designate a specific hunt.

For example, if you draw a deer tag you can choose to hunt in unit 11 controlled hunt, then unit 39 general season hunt and then any other legal hunt you want until you have harvested your deer. The only requirement is that you abide by the restrictions and dates of the hunt. For example, if the hunt is muzzleloader only, you must hunt with a muzzleloader.

Q. How many entries can I put in?
A. You can enter as many times as you want to.

Q. Do I have to purchase my Idaho hunting license before I apply for the Super Hunts? Do I pay for the tag and license if I am drawn?
A. You do not need an Idaho hunting license to apply for a Super Hunt or Super Hunt Combo, but you do have to purchase one if you are drawn. Tags are provided at no charge, however.

Q. If I apply for and am drawn for one of the Super Hunt moose tags or the Super Hunt Combo with a moose tag, will it apply against my lifetime moose limit?
A. No, the Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo tags are over and above other limits.

Q. If I draw a controlled hunt from the May application period (deer, elk or antelope) do I have to surrender it if I draw a Super Hunt or Super Hunt Combo? What about a moose hunt?
A. Super Hunts represent an additional chance to harvest an animal. If you draw you can participate in a controlled hunt that you have drawn (or a general season hunt that you want to participate in) as well as the Super Hunt or Super Hunt Combo. This applies to moose hunts as well.

Q. Can my friends and I put in as a group? A. No, each entry applies to one hunter only.

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Super Hunts began in 2004 as a way to raise money for the Access Yes! Program, which helps assure hunter and angler access to and across private lands by compensating willing landowners.
Last Updated: March 20, 2015 
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