Cutthroat Trout


  • creel

    Clark Fork and Pack River Angler Survey Underway

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, in cooperation with Avista, began conducting a 10-month angler creel survey on the Clark Fork River from Lake Pend Oreille to Cabinet Gorge Dam on February 1. Additionally, we began surveying anglers fishing the Pack River, Grouse Creek, and Lightning Creek on March 1. We plan to continue these surveys through approximately December 1, 2018.

  • A Westslope Cutthroat from an Idaho alpine lake

    Can triploid cutthroat improve fishing in backcountry lakes?

    Biologists completed a three-year study of mountain lakes to compare two kinds of trout used for stocking. 

  • A Westslope Cutthroat from an Idaho alpine lake

    Can triploid cutthroat trout improve fishing in backcountry lakes? Part 1

    Can triploid cutthroat trout improve fishing in backcountry lakes?

    Part 1: Setting up for the long game

  • Public meetings set to consider Priest Lake fishery management

    Fishing has long been one of the main attractions on Priest Lake and Upper Priest Lake. However, fishing at these scenic lakes has changed a great deal over time.

    Historically, the fishery was supported by three native sport fish, westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, and mountain whitefish. Fishing for cutthroat was the most popular throughout the early 20th century.

  • upper_priest_lake

    Upper Priest Lake Native Fish Conservation

    Native Bull Trout and Westslope Cutthroat have been the target of Upper Priest Lake anglers throughout history. These native species continue to provide good fishing opportunity, but not without some assistance. Since the early 1990’s, non-native Lake Trout have been present in Upper Priest Lake. Lake Trout generally compete with or prey upon Bull Trout and Westslope Cutthroat. This results in weaker populations of these native species.

  • Learn about native trout and where to find them

    Two species of Idaho fish are the subject of a fascinating series by the Western Native Trout Initiative, a private/public collaboration that partners to conserve native trout and their habitat in the West.

  • Priest Lake Kokanee Anglers Can Expect Status Quo

    Priest Lake anglers can expect Kokanee fishing to be similar to what they found last year. Idaho Fish and Game Kokanee monitoring efforts suggest Kokanee numbers remain low, but the fish that are caught should be good sized (likely 14-16"). Although a small increase in Kokanee abundance was observed between 2011 and 2013 in Priest Lake, the upward trend hasn't continued in recent years.

  • Lake Pend Oreille "State of the Lake" Public Meeting

    The Lake Pend Oreille "State of the Lake" public meeting is held annually.  This year the meeting is set for Thursday, March 30th.  Idaho Fish and Game staff will give a presentation summarizing fisheries information and activities related to the Lake Pend Oreille fishery from the past year. Time will be provided afterwards for question and answer.  Anyone interested in the Lake Pend Oreille fishery is encouraged to attend.  We hope to see you there.

    Meeting details are as follows:

    WHEN: Thursday, March 30th, 2017 from 6-8pm

  • Henrys Lake Spawning Update

    The Henrys Lake trap continues to be an active place. To date, we've trapped 1,622 Yellowstone Cutthroat. Due to crowding, we've shut off additional fish until we reduce numbers in the spawn shed. We'll initiate our fish spawn take on Friday, February, 17th. On that date, we'll be crossing our Henrys female Cutthroat with male Rainbow Gerrard milt to produce the Henrys Lake hybrids. You're welcome to watch. We'll start about 5 p.m. and will be working until about 10 p.m. If you have questions, please call 208.790.6298.

Cutthroat Trout

Oncorhynchus clarkii

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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