• Conservation Officers Seeking Help In Finding Poachers Responsible For Killing 28 Pronghorns Near Monteview

    Conservation Officers Seeking Help In Finding Poachers Responsible For Killing 28 Pronghorns Near Monteview

    IDAHO FALLS - Conservation Officers with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) are seeking assistance from the public in apprehending the person or persons responsible for the killing of at least 28 pronghorns in the Monteview area during the last week of January and beginning of February, 2017.

  • winter feeding_truck with hay

    Idaho Fish and Game Authorizes Additional Winter Feeding Sites in Southeast Idaho

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) with input from the Southeast Idaho Winter Feeding Advisory Committee (WFAC) has selected an additional 27 sites for baiting/feeding efforts in multiple counties in southeast Idaho.   The total number of feed sites is now 89 (71 for deer, 16 for elk, and 2 for pronghorn).  Over 100 volunteers are lending assistance to date.

  • Doe and fawn in heavy winter snow

    Keep your distance from wintering big game

    Winter provides great opportunities to view Idaho wildlife, but it is very important to enjoy the view from a distance.  Winter can be very stressful for wildlife, especially in winters like this when snow is deep or crusted.

  • charcoal creek closure map

    Another portion of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area closed

    The Charcoal Creek segment of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area is now closed to all public entry. This portion of land is located south and east of Lucky Peak Reservoir and north of the Blacks Creek Road.

  • Big Game Season Setting Meetings Scheduled for Southeast Region

    Fish and Game Schedules Big Game Season Setting Meetings in Southeast Idaho

    The southeast regional office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is getting ready to discuss the proposals for the 2017 hunting seasons for big game.

    To hear these proposals and for an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments, please join us at one of these scheduled meetings.

    February 13:       Preston– Larsen-Sant Library, 109 South 1st East

    February 15:       Soda Springs–  Senior Center, 60 South Main Street

  • Bull elk

    Fish and Game seeks comments on 2017 and 2018 big game seasons

    Idaho Fish and Game plans several open house meetings around the state during February to collect public comments on the 2017 and 2018 proposed seasons and rules for deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, gray wolf and mountain lion.   

    Interested individuals can visit with department personnel concerning the proposed seasons and provide their written comments by attending any of the below meetings.

    Panhandle Region

  • How Winter Big Game Feeding Works

    After having a number of milder winters in a row, this year’s winter seems harsh, even though it is pretty typical for what used to be considered a normal winter. 

  • Mule deer in winter snow and sagebrush

    Winter big game feeding is reserved for emergencies

    After several mild winters in a row, this year’s winter above average precipitation and colder temperatures has felt a lot harsher for both people and wildlife. But while people can retreat to the warm comfort of a home, big game face the brunt of winter out in the elements as they have done for eons. As snowpacks build and frigid temperatures persist, Idaho Fish and Game starts fielding questions from concerned citizens about winter feeding of deer and elk.

  • Pronghorn Deaths Blamed on Japanese Yew

    A herd of 50 pronghorn antelope have been found dead in the town of Payette early Tuesday afternoon, victims of Japanese yew toxicity.

  • Thirty antelope die when large herd crosses frozen Snake River at Lake Walcott

    On Sunday, Jan. 15, ice anglers at Lake Walcott notified Fish and Game staff that about 500 pronghorn had attempted to cross the frozen reservoir.


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