Citizen Shooting Range Advisory Committee

The Citizen Shooting Range Advisory Committee provides input on annual public shooting range grant applications.

The Citizen Shooting Range Advisory Committee consists of members of the public who actively use shooting ranges and are familiar with the elements for safe public shooting ranges in their communities. They also represent a diversity of shooting opportunities that include hunters, recreational and competitive shooters.

The committee is most active from February to March, consistent with the shooting range grant cycle.  





In 2020, House Bill 396 passed, creating a new Public Shooting Range Fund (Fund) administered by the Fish and Game Commission. The Fund incorporates the financial resources previously used by Fish and Game for shooting range grants.
This bill also created the Citizen Shooting Range Advisory Committee to advise the Idaho Fish and Game about applications solicited by IDFG each year for public shooting range grants awarded from the Fund. 
Idaho Fish and Game has been funding shooting range grants to non-profit shooting organizations and State and local governments that own or manage shooting ranges, including archery ranges, for several years.  The funds come from federal manufacturer excise taxes collected on the sales of firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment and from state fine and forfeiture monies remitted for wildlife crimes.