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Winter Wildlife Conditions

In order to help keep the citizens of Idaho informed regarding the physical condition of their wildlife the Upper Snake Regional Office will be issuing reports throughout the winter.

Reports reflect information gathered from IDFG field staff and contacts in local communities. Reports will be issued as conditions change, especially if a major winter weather situation develops. Requests for further info should be directed to Gregg Losinski at 390-0635.

Animal condition. The milder temperatures are still helping animal body conditions while compacting snowpacks and new moist snows are making movement more difficult. Especially in flatter areas. High winds are still keeping some areas open, exposing forage.

Winter conditions. Most areas received heavy moist snow with heavy drifting.

Depredations: With the new heavy moist snow, depredations normally increase as animals are forced to move.

Relocations: 31 moose have been trapped and removed from urban and agricultural conflicts so far this year.

Sand Creek, Hamer

New heavy moist snows on top of a crusted and compacted snowpack will make animal movement even more difficult. Deer have yarded up and moving as little as possible. Any disturbance will cause a great deal of stress at this time.

Swan Valley

6 to 10 inches of new moist snow with some drifting. Light snow crust. Animals still moving freely.

Teton Basin, Conant Creek

8 to 10 inches of new moist snow on top of moderate to heavy crust with compacted snow below. Total snow pack close to three feet. Animals are starting to have a difficult time moving around.

Big Desert/INEEL

6 to 10 inches of new moist snow with heavy drifting. Light to moderate crusting. Animals will find movement a little more difficult.

Big and Little Lost Rivers

Animals are moving about freely, and dispersed throughout the winter range. Many slopes and ridges still bare as the recent snowstorm missed most of the areas.

Birch Creek

Light snow fall. Animals still moving freely.

Tex Creek

Heavy moist snows and drifting. High winds are baring off many slopes and ridges.