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Upland Season Ideas Go to Public

Hunters will have a chance to comment on Idaho Fish and Game ideas for the upcoming upland game seasons soon. Public comment will be solicited statewide with details to be announced in the seven Fish and Game regions and under "What's New" on the website in early April. Included in the proposals: uniform starting time statewide for pheasant seasons, rather than having the southern part of the state open at noon while the northern part opens a half hour before sunrise; changing from three pheasants to two daily on stocked Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) so the supply of birds lasts longer; starting time on WMAs in the Southwest Region of 10 a.m. to avoid conflict with waterfowl hunters and to allow staff to stock birds. Quail, chukar, gray partridge, and sage grouse season opener would be on the fourth weekend of September rather than the third with sharptails opening on the same weekend instead of October 1. Chukar, quail, and gray partridge Seasons might be extended through January 31 if the public supports the idea. Motorized vehicle rules might be established on some bird hunts. No changes are recommended for forest grouse hunting.