Press Release

Upland Game Seasons Open

Fall upland hunting starts September 1 with seasons for mourning doves, forest grouse and sandhill cranes as well as cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares.

Hunters will find upland hunting rules and shooting times in the rules brochure at license vendors and Fish and Game offices as well as on the department website at

Shooting hours for doves and sandhill cranes are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset with legal times for each day of the 30-day season listed on the flyer. Sandhill crane hunting is limited to controlled hunts.

Dove limits are 10 daily with 20 in possession after the first day.

A $1.75 federal migratory bird harvest information program validation is required for dove and crane hunting.

The application period for controlled sandhill crane hunts has passed.

The season for forest grouse, which includes ruffed, spruce and blue grouse, runs from September 1 through December 31. The daily limit is four, whether all of one or mixed species, and eight in possession after the first day. Only a valid hunting license is required for hunting forest grouse.

Seasons for cottontail rabbit and snowshoe hares runs from September 1 through February 7 for cottontails and through March 31 for hares. The daily bag limit for both is eight, with 16 in possession after the first day.

There is no season on pygmy rabbits. To distinguish, note that cottontail tails are dark above and white underneath, and the pygmy's tail is buffy gray with no white. The cottontail is more than a foot long, and the pygmy is less than one foot.

Contact your local regional office to determine whether pygmy rabbits are found in your hunting area.

The seasons for sage grouse, quail, and partridge begin September 16, and early fall general turkey hunts begin September 15. A separate permit is required for hunting sage and sharp-tailed grouse. Turkey hunters will also need tags.

All hunters need a valid 2006 Idaho hunting license.