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Upland Bird, Dove, Furbearer Rules Available

The 2000 and 2001 proclamation covering upland game birds, mourning doves, furbearers, falconry, sandhill cranes and other species is now available. The proclamation booklet is available at Fish and Game offices and license vendors. A PDF format version is available on the Fish and Game web site at for reading or downloading. Dove hunters should note that, for the first time, dove hunting rules are included in this booklet rather than in a separate publication. The booklet covers all upland game birds hunted in Idaho, mourning doves, furbearers, including new rules on otter trapping, rabbits and hares, crows, predators, unprotected species and falconry. Also included are rules on controlled hunts for sandhill cranes and September Canada goose seasons. Timing of rulemaking procedures and a change in printing contracts has allowed the combining of all these subjects into one bookletwhich saved some sportsman's moneyand publication of the upland game bird rules much earlier than the late August date of previous years.