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Time to shop for 2020 hunting and fishing license deals

You can save a few bucks on licenses, and they make good gifts

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday shopping deals going on, here are some Idaho Fish and Game “hacks” you may not be aware of that can save you money and increase your opportunities.  

Hack #1: Purchase a 3-year youth license for your 17-year-old

If a youth purchases a 3-year youth license while they are 17, they can continue to purchase junior priced tags through the valid dates of the license. Age restrictions still apply for youth-only hunts.

Hack #2: Save $89 on license and tags by buying a Sportsman Package

Have you ever been in the field and wished you had another tag or permit in your pocket? Sportsman Package provides a resident combo license, 6 big game tags, and 4 permits -a savings of $89.15 off the a la carte pricing. For the avid hunter/angler, this will either save you money or provide more opportunities at a marginal increase in cost.

Hack #3: Enter Idaho’s Super Hunt: the little known “ultimate controlled hunt” 

Sure you know about Idaho’s controlled hunts, but did you know that there’s another drawing called Idaho’s Super Hunt which allows you to hunt any open unit (even controlled hunts) anywhere in the state? Each year 34 winners are drawn for elk, deer, moose, pronghorn, or the ultimate super hunt- a combo of all 4 species! You do not need to purchase a license to enter. There are two drawings you can enter, and the second drawing often has fewer entries.  Entries are $6 for individual species, or $20 for combo entries.

Hack #4: Guarantee your ability to hunt big game in Idaho with a lifetime license

Resident lifetime license certificates can save you money over the long-term, but are a “no-brainer” if you think you may move out of the state. Even if you leave Idaho, you will not need to pay for a nonresident license, but will pay nonresident permit and tag fees.  Most importantly, your tag allocation comes out of the resident pool.  So even when nonresident tags sell out, you will still have the ability to buy an over-the-counter tag. Give the gift of a lifetime license to your child before they turn two and save nearly 30 percent!

Note: 2020 license, tags, and permits go on sale December 1. Purchases can be made at a license vendor, online, a Fish and Game regional office or by phone at 1-800-554-8685.

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Glenn Oakley for Idaho Fish and Game