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Spring black bear season opens April 15 in many hunting units

Some units opened on April 1

Hunters can get a chance to hunt big game in the spring with the opener of black bear hunting season on Wednesday, April 15 (some hunting units opened April 1). 

Many parts of the state offer general hunting seasons for black bears, but hunters can not take any female bear with young. Here are the black bear seasons and rules.

Hunters typically spot-and-stalk, bait or use hounds for black bears. For hunters using bait, a baiting permit is required, which can be purchased at Fish and Game regional offices by appointment only, and other rules apply. Hunters should review baiting rules on Page 69 of the Idaho Big Game 2020 Seasons and Rules brochure for more information.

Hunters who harvest a bear must present the skull and hide to an Idaho Fish and Game regional office (by appointment only), or a Fish and Game conservation officer for removal and retention of a premolar tooth, and to have the hide tagged with an official state export tag.

Closing dates for black bear seasons vary by unit, but most run through May and some into June.

Hunters in the Clearwater Region should be aware that there have been some sightings of grizzly bears in the region in recent years, and should be extra-vigilant while afield, both while traveling to their hunting spots and in identifying their targets. More information is available here.

black bear in Fall brush October 2009
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