Press Release

Salvage Order Issued For Lower Big Lost River

Fish and Game has issued a salvage order for the lower Big Lost River below the Moore Diversion.

The salvage, which suspends fish bag, possession, and size limits only on the river stretch downstream of the Moore Diversion through August 31, 2017.

High water this spring likely caused an unknown number of fish to move below the diversion. As runoff subsides, it is likely that this river stretch will go dry and fish will be stranded and die. Fish and Game recognizes the value of these fish as a food resource, and that these fish could be used by anglers. 

To take advantage of the salvage order, anglers must have a valid fishing license. With the exception of firearms, explosives, chemicals, prohibited bait and electricity, fish may be taken with any method, including seines and dip nets.

For more information, contact the Fish and Game office in Idaho Falls at 208-525-7290.