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Salmon Season Continues Another Four Days

LEWISTON - Salmon anglers will get another four days of fishing, Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28, in all waters now open to salmon fishing in Idaho.

Fishery managers are informing anglers that this will be the final four days of salmon fishing in the lower Clearwater River and North Fork Clearwater River fisheries. Fishery managers estimate that the harvest target for Dworshak Hatchery will be met by Monday of the Memorial Day weekend.

"One of the goals of the 2007 Clearwater River salmon fishery framework was to provide salmon fishing through the Memorial Day weekend," Clearwater regional fishery manager Ed Schriever said. "We are pleased that salmon fishing will continue through Monday."

Continued fishing in the Clearwater River from the Orofino Bridge to the Kamiah Bridge, the South Fork Clearwater, Lochsa River, Salmon River and Little Salmon River beyond Memorial Day will be evaluated on May 29th.