Press Release

Ring-necked Pheasant Stocking Report

More than 3,300 farm-raised ring-necked pheasants will be released at four Southwest region Fish and Game wildlife management areas (WMAs) during the month of December.

Fort Boise WMA, near Parma, will be stocked with 1,200 during early December. Stocking on this WMA is scheduled to end in mid-December unless weather conditions remain mild and extra birds become available. Payette River WMA, near New Plymouth, will receive 320 birds, stocked throughout the month of December. Montour WMA, near Emmett, will be stocked with 400 birds during December and 1,475 pheasants will be stocked at C.J. Strike WMA, near Bruneau.

Hunters pursuing pheasants on any of these WMAs are reminded that they must purchase a WMA pheasant permit which entitles the bearer to six pheasants. The WMA pheasant limit is two birds per day and hunters must immediately validate their permit each time a pheasant is harvested. More information regarding pheasant hunting on WMAs is available in the current upland game rule booklet.

Because pheasant hunting on WMA lands is popular, hunters are encouraged to wear hunter orange, use trained hunting dogs to point and retrieve downed birds, and to give waterfowl hunters plenty of room in those areas where both kinds of hunting take place.