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Remember Harvest Report

With the start of big game seasons, hunters need to remember that they are required to file harvest reports. All deer, elk and antelope hunters are issued a harvest report form with each tag purchased. Hunters must submit the completed form within 10 days after taking an animal of any of these species, or within 10 days of the end of the season for which their tag was valid. The report this year is required of both successful and unsuccessful hunters for deer, elk and antelope. Anyone who bought one of these tags must report, even if they did not hunt. By closely scrutinizing the big game harvest and analyzing such things as the total harvest, the ratio of male/female and the age structure of animals that hunters check in, biologist are able to estimate how the populations are responding. Adjustments in season structure and length can be made depending on the estimated trends and desired levels. Successful hunters who fail to report are not only in violation of Idaho law, they also jeopardize the abilities of wildlife managers to monitor local game populations. The goal of local managers is to provide as much elk hunting opportunity as possible. Good information is critical to achieving that goal.