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Rare to Idaho, a ringtail was recently found in Twin Falls, and you can see it in a video

There have only been five confirmed sighting of ringtails in Idaho

Finding a ringtail in Idaho is a very rare occurrence, and the last few sightings have happened near Twin Falls. In early December 2021 staff from the Amalgamated Sugar factory south of Twin Falls spotted a ringtail on the property. Within a few days a wildlife biologist from the Magic Valley Regional set traps with a goal of relocation to more suitable habitat.

Within a week of setting traps the ringtail was live-trapped and taken to the Fish and Game regional office in Jerome where some key biological data was collected and the ringtail was given some bling, meaning a metal ear tag. Within a few hours it was released south of Twin Falls into more suitable ringtail habitat.

In the end, the ringtail scampered away from our wildlife biologists to explore the landscape in its new home.

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Idaho Fish and Game

A ringtail found in the Twin Falls area after release south of Twin Falls.